Full suit effect:

  • Attack+12, Power+12
  • Increase all Air magic effect by 25%
  • Receive Elemental Orb (The spell doesn't use any scroll)
  • If you have Air Elemental, you will have the ability to fuse all pieces of the Air Mastery Suit into a Lightning Orb (Treasure slot).

The Elemental Orb effect actually allows to cast a special spell :

  • Air Elemental Ball
    Air Elemental Ball, 6MP , Rank 1: Power+3 Damage to a single target (+ boost at least the 25% provided by this very suit).
Name Rank Type Effect
Lightning Boots Lightning Boots 1 Shoes Dodge+2%

Lightning Bolt spell effect+25%

Belt of Electric Arc Belt of Electric Arc 2 Belt HP+10

Electrostatic Field spell effect +25%

Sapphire Armor Sapphire Armor 3 Armor Defense+2

Disrupting Ray spell effect +25%

Titan's Helmet Titan's Helmet 4 Helmet HP+30

Chain Lightning spell effect +25%

Hourglass of Time Hourglass of Time 5 Treasure Attack+4

Timestill spell effect +25%

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