Type Asteroid PlanetIcon Asteroid
Location M01, x04y22

Special Places Edit

Exploration will unlock more "special place" interactions.

Exp Place Unlocks Lore
10 Eden Ruins
Aini - Eden Ruins
"Investigate" This magnificent Eden has been broken. But in terms of scale, it is bigger than yours!
30 Broken Energy Hall
Aini - Broken Energy Hall
Investigate This Energy Hall cannot work anymore. You can investigate to see if you can find something useful!
50 Broken Tech Hall
Aini - Broken Tech Hall
Investigation Although this Technology Hall is dilapidated, its technological level is more advanced than your Eden. You can make an investigation to see if you can get some inspiration.
70 Broken Cultivation Hall
Aini - Broken Cultivation Hall
Eliminate Clone Creature Some clones wander around the damaged Cultivation Hall. It seems that only after destroying them can you safely enter into the hall.
100 Robot's Remains Investigate / Upgrade the System The wreckage of this robot has been abandoned here for a long time, but the damage degree is not serious.

Special InteractionsEdit

Eden Ruins - Investigate Edit

You find: 5x Eden Accelerator (3h), 1 Star Map, 1x Space Transitioner

Broken Energy Hall - Investigate Edit

You find: 5 Gas Storage Device, 2 Electricity Storage Device, 2 Uranium Ore Storage Device, 1 Khaydarin Crystal

Broken Tech Hall - Investigate Edit

You find: Fleet command technology, 8x Eden Accelerator (60m), 1x Eden Accelerator (24h)

Broken Cultivation Hall - Eliminate Clone CreatureEdit

Fight: 333/249/166/416 E=858575

Broken Cultivation Hall - InvestigateEdit

Available after clone creature has been eliminated. Clone creature stats: 333,249,166,416,0.858m

Receive: 1x Petri Dish, 500 Competent Cells, 8x Cultivation Accelerator (30m)

Robot's Remains - InvestigateEdit

You repair the robot and find: 2x Eden Accelerator (8h) + AMP-880 Robot

Robot's Remains - Upgrade the SystemEdit

Armor Gumball downloads the robot's core processing program and upgrades his own system!

Armor gets Attack+2, HP+20


Grants resources and unlock special places.

Resources : Sabnock Coins , Zerg Carapace I, Zerg Mucus I, Zerg Ootheca I

Example (to give proportions): 1525 Sabnock Coin, 39x Zerg Carapace I, 19x Zerg Mucus I, 16x Zerg Ootheca I

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