Adventurer Adventurer Gold Statue
Trial requirement Adventurer evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

Gem x5, Adventurer's Pearl x3, Adventure Relics x5

Pearl Cost

10x Adventurer Pearl
1x Mage Pearl

Statue Cost

80 Magic Iron
2x Dionie (Lv. 150)
2x Tethys (Lv. 180)
2x Theia (Lv. 240)

Statue Bonus Attack+4, Power+2

In Sky and Space, Armor+5
Lower Clone Capacity+6

  • Spend your EP.
  • Attack until your life is too low to go on.
  • Attack the left tree to get honey.
  • Give the child the honey.
  • Talk to the mother.
  • Attack the second tree to get the hive and throw it at the boss.
  • Kill it while he's blind.

Or kill the left hive immediately. Give the child honey, speak to the mom. Boss attack will be low and can be killed easily using blind and normal attack.

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