The Book of the Dead Abyss Miscellany
Type: Consumable
As the oldest Evil Eye from Evil Eye Empire, Ausdiga has been competing with Mono-eye Tyrant Heraclius in secret. In his opinion, he is well ahead of his rival in lineage, experience and prestige. However, scholars well versed in the history of the dark abyss won't agree with him. Written in the book A Brief History of Dark Abyss is this comment, "Ausdiga longs for others' respect but suffers a lack of courage and capability, which can be read from Evil Eye Empire's foreign policy. Ausdiga's so-called tolerance or forbearance can't meet Medusa and Tauren's desire. Heraclius's iron fist is the best way in dealing with them!"
Use: Defense +3
Source(s): Gods' Chessboard - Heretic's Remains
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