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Recent Events

<V4.3.1> 26 March 2020==
Release Order Field M12.
Add dubbing for some Gumballs.
Adjust the lowest floor of Cursed Chest in Bracada College from floor 100 to floor 90.
<V4.2.6> 28 February 2020
Unlock the Gumballs in Mercenary Camp: Tattooist, Battery, Feathered Serpent, and Manul.
Develop the function to present gifts to all friends. Can present 100 gifts at most every day.
Can receive 20 gifts at most every day. Increase the coins and relics fragments in each gift, and the total amount that can be received is the same as before while receiving 100 gifts.
<V4.1.6> 6 February 2020
Unlock the trial: Alexander, Principal, Great Detective, and Gargoyle.
<V4.1.3> 16 January 2020
Unlock Order Field M11
Develop the RObot Army tech page. It can be activated after using Technology of Uha Civilization.
Add Combo Skills in Celestial Market.
Starfield status will be displayed on the main page of starfield instead of Eden.
Add a package expiration instruction in Cosmic Trader instructions.

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