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Recent Events

<V4.9.5> 11 Sep 2020
Unlock Time Field S01
<V4.8.1> 06 Aug 2020
Unlock the maze District 91. Purchase this maze in Shop to unlock. Clear it to rescue Smilodon Gumball.
Add Gumballs in Mercenary Camp: Firelord, Ravenspeaker, Anesthetist, and Stone Spirit.
Adjust Sword in the Stone under World Tree: increase Attack for all melee Gumballs by 1.
<V4.7.2> 24 July 2020
Unlock trials: Paladin, Great Guardian, Onmyouji, and Courier.
<V4.6.1> 25 June 2020
Unlock Order Field M13
When the fragments of Hamster, Bunny, and Ninja Frog are enough to build the corresponding statue, their trial props may appear in time-limited events.
<V4.5.6> 11 June 2020
Release Gumball fragments in Mercenary Camp: Tesla Trooper, Light Follower, Shadow Dancer, Ice Crystal
<V4.5.1> 13 May 2020
Unlock trials: Shadow Priest, Gun Dealer, Dragonblood Warrior and Scarecrow.
Unlock ceremonies in Shrine: Wondrous Cube, Battery, Mischief, and Manul.


<V4.4.1> 30 April 2020
The first themed event is coming soon. Please check the following event contents:
Race Maze: adventurers can participate in the race maze from the island at the bottom of the map.
Challenge Maze: clear Chaos Abyss to unlock (Challenge Maze doesn't cost vigor nor resources. Adventurers can enter the challenge maze 30 times every day)
Adventure License: adventurers can level up adventure license and obtain rewards by completing specific tasks.

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