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Recent Events

<V4.1.6> 6 February 2020
Unlock the trial: Alexander, Principal, Great Detective, and Gargoyle.
<V4.1.3> 16 January 2020
Unlock Order Field M11
Develop the RObot Army tech page. It can be activated after using Technology of Uha Civilization.
Add Combo Skills in Celestial Market.
Starfield status will be displayed on the main page of starfield instead of Eden.
Add a package expiration instruction in Cosmic Trader instructions.
(V3.9.1) Update 21 December 2019
Add Gumball fragments to Mercenary Camp: Gargoyle, Shadow Priest, Dragonblood Warrior, and Gun Dealer. (Please be noted that these Gumball fragments will also be available in the Christmas event)
Will release Christmas event and event maze.
(V3.8.5) Update 5 December 2019
The Erathia Sports Competition will be officially launched. The event maze will be available during the event
Unlock the new Gumball Artemis
(V3.7.8) 28 November 2019
Unlock the new maze Sdorica. Can be purchased in the Shop. Clear the maze to obtain Angelia Gumball.

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