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Recent Events

(V3.4.26) Update 05 Sep 2019
Unlock Gumballs‘ trials: Guardian, Bull Demon King, Dimension Walker, DJ
Linkage event: Signal Station: No.1 will be released in September
M09 will be unlocked in September


(V3.4.2) Update 08 Aug 2019
Release the events for 88 Gumball Carnival
Unlock the new maze Bracada College. Purchase the Bracada College license with gems in the store. Principal Gumball will be available in this maze
Unlock the maze cartoons. Display corresponding cartoons when activating the mazes of Adventurer's Forest, Hero's Village, Lost Temple, Borderland, and Ancient Arena for the first time. Players cleared these mazes can display the cartoons again in the 'Settings'
Unlock a batch of new links for Chain of Fate
(V3.3.2) Update 24 Jul 2019
Unlock Chaos Field: an event mode system, randomly available on weekends (estimated time of release: August)
Unlock Order Field M08
Adjust the Honor system. Achievements are added to Sky and Space
Develop the Gumball and Airship searching system: enter the name and jump to the detailed page of the Gumball or Airship you searched
Unlock some Statue Easter Eggs: Puppeteer, Space Wizard, Joan, and Driver

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